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Wandle Valley Regional Park - A Vision for the Future

The River Wandle has long played a vital role in communications, trade and human settlement. Unfortunately the growth of commercial and residential life has also led to a decline in the natural life, water quality, and green and open spaces surrounding the River.

Over the past decade a number of individual regeneration projects have tried to reverse some of the historic neglect of the River and revitalise the social potential of the Valley by connecting the spaces and places and engaging the citizens and young people therein. While effective within their limits, they have been hampered by a lack of a single vision, shared strategy or integrated planning framework for the Valley.

Picture : River Wandle

The ‘Wandle Valley Regional Park – A Vision for the Future’ [PDF : 2.11MB] has now been published. This Vision offers a way forward for developing the Wandle Valley Regional Park. A wide-range of organisations are now working together to help develop the next stage of the proposed Vision.