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Global Waters


Welcome to the Global Waters education pack.

Academic year 08/09 is the final year of the Global Waters project and we are really pleased to launch this educational resource. We hope that teachers and educationalists will find these session and activity plans really useful. Additionally some of the other links will take  you on an interesting journey.

Introduction to the Global Waters Project

Global Waters is an educational project funded by the Department for International Development (DfID) which aims to help pupils in west London understand how people live in other parts of the world. Learning about sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals, students consider their own lives, and how they compare to children across the globe. They focus on the issue of water and its importance on a local and global scale.

The main aims of the 3 year Global Waters project are to:  

  • Raise awareness and understanding of global development issues
  • Use the River Ganges and the local Grand Union Canal as a real life case study of global water issues
  • Empower the pupils to promote global development issues and sustainable life changes to a wider audience, within local and global school communities
  • Produce accessible teaching materials to use throughout delivery
  • Provide support and teacher training so that schools have access and the know-how to deliver global development and interdependence education within their core secondary curriculum in the future. 

The sessions are designed to deliver curriculum elements of Geography, Citizenship, and ICT/Media. They are designed to be adaptable and adopt a cross-curricula approach. Tenuous aims and objectives for the sessions and QCA links are given, however they are by no means an in-depth study of the units.  

To all those who use the resources we hope that you find it useful. If you are unable to deliver the whole project we hope you will be able to use and adapt some of the resources.  

The resources outline 14 session plans that were delivered in a number of secondary schools in Ealing, to year 9 students. During the sessions students are introduced to the Millennium Development Goals through a number of different interactive activities. There are 20 activity sheets, referenced across these 14 session plans, and 4 Power Point presentations can be accessed on the site. These resources are provided to support the teachers delivery of each session. Additional website links are also provided on each session plan.

If you have any questions, comments or are interested in developing other education projects in partnership with Groundwork London please contact us

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