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Every Action Counts - How Green is Your Office?

Groundwork London and Every Action Counts are undertaking a survey to establish the current level of 'green' activity in voluntary and community sector organisation's offices.

This is the second time this survey has been undertaken. Last year's results can be downloaded by clicking this link.

If you work for a VCS organisation and would like to complete the 2008 survey, follow this link

Anyone completing the survey will be entered into a draw for a range of top prizes, including prizes from Green Fingers and The Green Stationary Company.

442 organisations completed the 2007 survey. The general consensus seemed to be that this questionnaire was very welcome and in many instances it seems to have 'sparked' several organisations and individuals into taking action. 18 months on, this survey will see how the sector is progressing in addressing its 'green' agenda, as well as the overall impact of EAC and the EAC publication, 'Changing the way we work'.

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