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Deptford Park

London Borough of Lewisham Parks Department commissioned Groundwork London to develop a masterplan for Deptford Park and identify priority projects.  As with all Groundwork projects, involvement and engagement with local stakeholders was central to the development of this plan.  The masterplan report called 'A vision for future development'  was signed off by  Lewisham Council and local stakeholders in March 2008.  Groundwork is now implementing some of the priority recommendations in the plan.  These include new signage, new planting and painting of the railings around the park.

As part of the masterplanning work, funding became available to landscape the entrance to the park from Evelyn Street. This section of the park provides a vital link between the park and its surroundings and it is anticipated that this high quality landscape design scheme (pictured below) will have a positive effect on local regeneration plans.  As part of this scheme, Groundwork also worked with the London Borough of Lewisham to create an iconic work of art for the park.  Local artist Heather Burrell created 'iridescence', which is now installed in the park.

 Deptford Park entrance

Additionally, Lewisham are keen to enter the park for a green flag award next year so Groundwork has been commissioned to help with further development work, including research into potential stakeholder groups locally and supporting them to become involved in a vibrant and engaged 'Friends' group.  During September the Friends of Deptford Park, are holding a planting day in the park, they hope this event will encourage other local people to become involved in the future of the park.

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For further information, you can visit the Lewisham Council website by following this link.