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Burgess Park

Burgess Park is one of London’s most important green spaces.  It is one of the only major areas in London that has been reclaimed, post-war, as green space.  It provides unique and essential facilities to a number of people and communities living in the vicinity.  For many, this is the only accessible, local, quality green space.

Groundwork London has been involved with Burgess Park for many years. Recently we have carried out extensive consultation and, based on the findings, we are drawing up a masterplan for the Chumleigh Gardens area of the park.

Chumleigh Gardens

Groundwork London has been commissioned by Southwark Council to improve the area around Chumleigh Gardens. Groundwork London’s Landscape Architects are designing the ambitious scheme, which may include two new play areas, a water feature and ‘playable landscaping’. There will also be a newly refurbished café. Last year, we consulted with many stakeholders including local children, parents, teachers and carers and we will continue to consult with local people throughout the design process.

For more information, please contact Virginia Nimarkoh at Groundwork London on 0845 434 9605 or .

For further information on our work in Burgess Park, download the PDFs below.

  • Burgess Park - Early projects [PDF : 478KB]
  • Burgess Park - Recent projects [PDF : 343KB]
  • Burgess Park - Horticultural Training Facility [PDF : 277KB]
  • Burgess Park - Chumleigh Gardens [PDF : 96KB]