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King George's Field Playscape, Hanwell

Groundwork London, with funding from Biffaward a multi-million pound environment fund managed by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, which utilises landfill tax credits donated by Biffa Waste Services and additional funding from the Veolia Environmental Trust, has created the ‘King George’s Field Playscape’ in Hanwell, West London.

The play space is designed to challenge and inspire children and provide a space for all ages that encourages engagement with natural surroundings and taking acceptable levels of risk.  


Pupils from local primary school St Marks have been involved throughout the entire process of this new development by contributing their ideas. When asked on the importance of having somewhere interesting to play and socialise, one pupil at St Marks School replied: “it’s extremely very ultra mega massively important" (which in itself highlights the need and importance of such a project!).

Even while the space was fenced off for construction it was still a source of fun and inspiration for local children. Pupils from St Marks painted the outside hoarding and contributed to game instructions that were written over it.

The new space combines the best of traditional play equipment with natural features to produce a fantastic 'Playscape'. As Adam White, Principal Landscape Architect and creator of the Playscape concept, explains: "The theory behind the design is to emphasise that the total environment can offer play value and not just an area in the corner of a park. Think grassy mounds, innovative planting, timber decking, trees, water, bridges and boulders complemented by modern well designed play equipment and you’ve got Playscape: an exciting and challenging space to play with unlimited creativity and imagination."

Saturday 9th May 2009 saw the launch of this innovative new play space with an official opening attended by the Major of Ealing. It was a beautiful day that saw hundreds of local families turn out to enjoy the sunshine and their new natural playscape.



 Could this be the greenest play space ever? Click here to find out! [PDF: 874KB]