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New community gardening programme launches in Westminster

The Westminster Community Gardening Programme will reach out to at least 900 participants and develop 2,500 square metres of green space in Harrow Road, Queens Park and Westbourne. From clearing litter to creating ‘edible gardens’, activities will be developed in partnership with the local community. Answering local needs, it will also provide people with fun activities and exciting career opportunities.

Get involved!

Community gardening is an exciting opportunity to get out, get active, learn new skills and have fun while improving local gardens and green spaces. You might even discover a new career path!

If you are interested in participating, Please contact the Westminster Community Gardening Team on 020 7239 1290 or email .  

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Opportunities for local residents

Involving, training and consulting local people at every stage are at the heart of the programme. Previously unemployed residents will potentially receive opportunities for paid work, volunteering, and future work placements. Individual assistance will be available to those who most need it. Volunteering opportunities will be open to all. Evening and weekend sessions, as well as young people’s gardening clubs, will make sure the programme is inclusive.

Gardening together is a great opportunity to meet neighbours and create a shared sense of community in a renewed green space.

Revitalising green spaces

In partnership with the City of Westminster, CityWest Homes and Westminster PCT, we are targeting a number of spaces in need of green development. Flowerbeds and wild flowers will adorn the Westbourne canal-side. ‘Edible gardens’ and other green spaces will spring up across social housing land, front gardens and other public spaces in Westminster.

The Westminster Community Gardening Programme is supported by Westminster City Council's Ward Budgets for Harrow Road, Queens Park and Westbourne.

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