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Our vision

Groundwork's vision is a society made up of sustainable communities, which are vibrant, healthy and safe, which value the local and global environment, and where individuals and enterprise prosper.

To achieve this we work to build productive relationships and partnerships with a wide-range of organisations. This helps to ensure our work builds on that of other organisations, as well as enabling us to have the greatest positive impact possible. Through the partnerships we create we develop and deliver our projects and programmes. We take the information that we learn from these projects and programmes and share it with others to help them in their work and to shape and influence future policies.

The needs of local places and the people who leave there are always unique. Our strength lies in combining our unique combination of skills, knowledge and expertise to deliver programmes and projects that help improve the quality of people's lives. To help explain what we do, we have grouped our services into four areas. However, Groundwork is at its best when combining its skills across a range of disciplines and service areas.