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Urban Landscape Design

The quality of our surroundings has a major impact on the way we feel about ourselves and our community.  Groundwork London carries out projects that improve green and open spaces, working closely with communities to ensure the end product is suitable and sustainable.

Photo : Community hubPhoto : Attractive, valuable spaces

Too often green and open spaces are bleak and unmanaged, attracting vandalism and fly-tipping and creating negative perceptions of a neighbourhood.  Groundwork London turns derelict land and waste ground into attractive and valuable spaces; from small community gardens or allotments to major new parks or sports facilities.  The landscapes we create promote better health and biodiversity, and support economic prosperity.

Throughout our work we ensure that people are fully involved in designing and improving the spaces that matter to them.  We focus on reconnecting people with their surroundings, helping to restore a sense of ownership and pride.

Nationally, Groundwork is one of the UK's largest employers of landscape architects.  Our team in London has a broad range of skills and experience.  To find out how we could work with you, please contact us. You can also find out more about our urban landscape design work by downloading our brochure [ PDF : 2.73MB] or reading one of the real life project examples below.

  • Creating a community hub 

    • Hammersmith's Sunken Garden [PDF : 472KB]
    • Leyton Manor Park, Waltham Forest [PDF : 479KB]
    • Curnock Street Estate, Camden [PDF : 211KB]
  • Bespoke design based on understanding people's needs

    • Bramcote and Bonamy, Bermondsey [PDF : 419KB]