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Environmental policy

Groundwork London is committed to bringing about sustainable improvements to the local environment and contributing to economic and social regeneration.

All staff are encouraged to use public transport wherever possible and to minimise use of vehicles for work travel. We currently reuse and/or recycle: paper, plastic, cardboard, cans, metal, toner cartridges and glass. We use recycled, chlorine-free paper for all of our publications. The use of the most environmentally sensitive option for all products is encouraged.

An Environmental Management System Team has been established with the objectives of:

  • providing a co-ordinated approach to improving the environmental performance of Groundwork London
  • implementing and managing the organisation’s Environmental Management System
  • promoting energy efficiency & waste minimisation throughout the organisation
  • raising awareness amongst all staff of individual responsibility to waste minimisation and energy efficiency of the organisation,
  • and monitoring environmental performance.