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13 October 2008

Double win for Groundwork at Horticulture Week Landscape & Amenity Awards

The evening of Thursday 2nd October saw 2 Groundwork projects in London take away prestigious prizes at the Horticulture Week Landscape & Amenity Awards held at The Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington High Street. The awards recognise and celebrate the best projects completed during the past 18 months across the UK.  

The first award won was for “Best Parks and Gardens Project below £1M” which went to Leyton Manor Park in Waltham Forest. This project transformed the landscape in Leyton Manor Park from a hidden area for drug-dealers to an open, stylish and vibrant community space where families could enjoy some much needed green space. The entire process was bespoke and the newly created friends of Leyton Manor Park will see that it stays in excellent condition all year round.  

The second was “Most Outstanding Commitment to the Community” which saw Windmill Park Play come in first. This entire project responded to community needs and even provided outlets for inspiration and ideas through site visits to other popular and award winning play spaces. After an extensive 18 month consultation three park spaces were drawn up for three age groups: toddlers, pre teens and teenagers. The communities’ ideas lead the design process and everything was bespoke to their requirements. Through this close involvement the community has a real ownership of these spaces, proven by the respect and sustainability they now have.   

These awards illustrate the impact Groundwork has upon the landscapes and communities it works with, and provides much deserved recognition for its dedication and innovation to such projects.




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