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One World Schools

One World Schools provides a range of services to help you create a sustainable school and to support your teachers in developing curriculum-focused lessons on waste, water, energy, PSHCE, healthy eating and much more.

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The world our children inherit will be very different to the one we grew up in. Engaging the next generation to live more sustainably has become a real imperative. Education features prominently in the Government's sustainable development strategy and the Department for Children, Schools and Families has set out a raft of expectations for schools to boost their sustainability. Additionally, a sustainable school can be an exciting, interesting and engaging learning environment for children.

Detailed information on the types of services we offer schools can be found in our brochure, One World Schools [PDF : 1.3MB]. Every school has different needs so do please contact us to discuss yours. Our strength lies in adapting our unique blend of skills and experience to support you and help you deliver your objectives.

The below examples of our projects will also give you a real example of the type of work we do.

  • Environment days

    • National tree week - Community environment day [PDF : 306KB]
    • West Wimbledon Schools community environment day [PDF : 530KB]