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Youth Ambassadors

Groundwork London has been the lead partner in SAUL. SAUL - Sustainable and Accessible Urban Landscapes - is a transnational partnership involving large city regions in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and England, part-funded by the European Union's Interreg IIIB programme for North West Europe.

SAUL has been a wide-ranging, four year programme, involving a great many regional and local projects. One of these was an opportunity to bring young people together from across Europe to share their experiences of the urban landscape and increase their awareness of and interest in social and environmental issues. 

Youth Ambassadors is a scheme for people aged 16-25, designed to stretch their learning and improve levels of decision making through a national exchange programme. Part of this scheme saw young people from London visit the Noorderpark community in Amsterdam to share with peers the social and environmental issues that affect them, particularly community cohesion and cultural tensions. The young people also received an intensive training course on film making, which allowed them to make a diary of their visit.