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Our work

Groundwork delivers projects that benefit local communities. Our vision - a society of sustainable communities - is an ambitious one mainly because a 'sustainable community' needs many things - housing, health, community cohesion, open spaces etc. To deliver this our staff have expertise in six key areas:

Groundwork delivered nearly 1,000 local projects last year in London. You can read more about our work in a specific area of London by using the drop-down list above. As well as our practical work, Groundwork is also involved in building strategic partnerships that inform policies affecting the evolving shape of the capital.

Groundwork London works with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and other key strategic partners to help develop specific areas of public policy. For example, Groundwork London has contributed to the Mayor's London Plan and its continued evolution. Using our skills and experience at a local level we have devised partnership projects to test and demonstrate how some of these strategies can be best delivered in London.