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One World Schools

Groundwork is working with lots of schools in London, supporting them in all sorts of ways, from developing their schools grounds to helping them become more sustainable. To find out more about our work with schools, download our One World Schools brochure by clicking on the link below:


In Southwark, Lambeth, Greenwich and Lewisham we are delivering the Eco-Schools programme.  Thanks to the Ernest Cook Trust we've been able to develop this 'Easy Guide to Eco-Schools'.  The fantastic picture on the front cover, and below, is of Redriff Primary School in Southwark launching the national walk to school week.

Download the 'Easy Guide' and our poster that will help you on your way to becoming an eco-school.

We've also produced a poster, which gives details of resources in Southwark that could help you become an Eco-School.

If you want to talk to Groundwork about what we could do for your school, please contact us.

Redriff Primary School, Southwark