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North Kensington Canal Improvements

The visible achievement of this project was the installation of a range of artwork along the North Kensington Canal.

North Kensington Canal - Mosaic           North Kensington Canal - Artwork

However, the physical installation was a minor part of the wider project. The London Waterways Community Partnership worked with local schools and the local community to increase awareness of the canal. Events included: school workshops exploring issues that affect the canal, such as dog mess, litter and graffiti, and a launch event with 100 members of the local community participating in boat rides, lantern making, football coaching, chalk painting, capoera and a steel band. Subsequently there was a long period of consultation with the local community and other key stakeholders and a series of youth projects before the decision to install artwork along the canal to brighten it up and provide everyone involved with a sense of ownership of their local resource.

Funding for the project came from Neighbourhood Renewal and Kensington & Chelsea Community Partnership.