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14 March 2007
Groundwork changes the Playscape of childrens' playgrounds

Groundwork is set to unveil the UK's largest indoor exhibition play space at the External Works 2007 Event on 17 - 19 April at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. (Picture: Playscape 3D model)

Playscape 3D model

‘Playscape,' designed by Groundwork West London and constructed by Visible Changes Landscapes, is set to break the mould of playground design and be a key attraction at the exhibition by promoting a more natural approach to play area design, where the landscape is designed to have real play value. (Picture: Playscape - Pre-event construction)

Playscape mock-up construction

Moving away from the traditional concept of swings and roundabouts, Playscape uses mixed level spaces and a combination of textures and sounds, such as water, bridges, boulders, and grass mounds to create an exciting setting to challenge and inspire its users and be an area for three generations of the family to play together.

To reinforce the message of a need for an holistic approach to childrens' play, Groundwork will also be holding two seminars at the exhibition in partnership with Green Space Magazine. The first seminar on 17th April looks at ‘natural play' and will include a presentation about Playscape from Adam White and a speech by internationally acclaimed landscape architect Helle Nebelong. The second seminar, held on the following day, will examine the role green space plays in promoting well-being in housing areas.

Adam White, MLI, Principal Landscape Architect at Groundwork West London and Chair of the Groundwork UK Landscape Architects Forum stated:

"Playscape will be a departure from the standard playground design traditionally seen in our public spaces. When we talk about 'play', it is important that we don't automatically think playgrounds. The habit of automatically segregating age ranges needs to be questioned and we must start to think in terms of a shared space for all. We aim to promote an approach to play area design that offers children the opportunities to engage with their natural surroundings, explore their imaginary worlds, be sociable and solitary, construct and influence their surroundings, experience change and continuity and take acceptable levels of risk. Playscape will illustrate how grassy slopes, woodlands, rockpools, sand and water can be complemented by modern commercial play equipment to form exciting and challenging places to play."

For further information contact on 020 8762 0329.


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