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04 July 2006
Groundwork celebrates 25th birthday in Parliament

Groundwork hosted a reception in Parliament to mark our 25th birthday with friends and supporters in Westminster and Whitehall.

The reception was attended by MPs, peers, and civil servants, as well as representatives from the business sector, our partner organisations and Groundwork Trusts.  

Ministers from past and present said a few words - Baroness Andrews, our current sponsor Minister, spoke warmly about the work that we do, and how impressed she was with the projects that she has seen that have made such a difference in those communities. 
She was followed by the politician who helped start the first Groundwork Trust - Michael Heseltine. He provided us with a reminder of how Groundwork came into existence back in the early eighties. He also used the opportunity to let everyone know that he was back on the political scene heading up a Conservative Party policy group on regeneration - with some forthright views on the current state of urban renewal!
The aim of this event was to provide an opportunity for Groundwork to meet and chat with policy makers and our other supporters, to make new contacts and re-establish old ones.  To this end, it was a great success - and a good time was had by all! Thanks to all who attended for helping to make it a successful evening.


Notes to editors

Groundwork supports communities in need across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, working with partners to help improve the quality of people's lives, their prospects and potential and the places where they live, work and play.

Our vision is of a society of sustainable communities which are vibrant, healthy and safe, which respect the local and global environment and where individuals and enterprise prosper.

We work alongside communities, public bodies, private companies and other voluntary sector organisations to deliver projects and programmes that benefit:

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