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05 June 2006
Sustainable Accessible Urban Landscapes - Final Conference - 27-29 June 2006
This four-year, €22 million programme has worked with partners in London, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Part-funded by the EU Interreg programme, whose aims are to strengthen economic and social cohesion across Europe by promoting transnational co-operation, the four-year project has culminated in a set of ‘Messages for Europe', and specific recommendations for Europe's politicians and practitioners working in the spatial planning and regeneration sectors. For further information, please contact at Groundwork London on +44 (0)20 7922 1230.

Notes to editors

1.  The SAUL term ‘New Urban Landscapes' refers to the changing patterns of land use that result from growing forces of economic globalisation and rapid social change - including, for example, the emergence of brownfield land, urban sprawl, new economic, social and transport hubs and the changing nature of surrounding areas of agriculture and forestry that no longer sustain their former economies

2. The SAUL project was launched in June 2003.  From then until June 2006 the six Metropolitan regions in North West Europe have worked together to address four key areas:

3.  The SAUL project is funded by INTERREG IIIB North West Europe programme, a European Regional Development initiative that is focused on transnational cooperation to address territorial development issues.
4.  The SAUL Final Conference was hosted by the SAUL Partnership with the Mayor of Amsterdam on behalf of SAUL Partner the Municipality of Amsterdam, with the assistance of Staatsbosbeheer, the Dutch government organisation with responsibility for managing the natural heritage. 
5.  The SAUL partnership is led by Groundwork London, the regional arm of Groundwork UK in the capital.

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