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London Waterways Community Partnership

The London Waterways Community Partnership (LWCP), developed and led by Groundwork London, covers all the waterway corridors of the Thames, its tributary rivers and the canal network. It addresses several interlinked issues.

Essential to all these is the need to engage communities of all kinds, including business communities, as stakeholders in the waterways’ sustainable future.

A small team of Community Project Managers, employed by Groundwork, manages the programme. These Project Managers promote local partnership initiatives to increase access, quality, care, safety and knowledge of the water environment. They are responsive to the needs of local communities and provide a link to local authorities and key agencies.

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The LWCP has built on the strength of the earlier Single Regeneration Budget funded London Waterways Partnership (LWP), which generated over 100 individual projects across the 50 miles of waterway corridors over a seven year period. The main partners for LWP were: British Waterways, Groundwork London, the Environment Agency, the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, Thames Water, the London Tourist Board, and the fifteen London Boroughs involved in the north London canals and tributary river corridors (including the New River aqueduct).