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Reconnecting people with their surroundings

We help people turn derelict land and waste ground into attractive and valuable spaces, from small community gardens or allotments to major new parks or sports facilities. We aim to create landscapes that promote better health and biodiversity and encourage more sustainable living, for example through renewable energy or local food production. We work to ensure that people are fully involved in designing and improving new public spaces, from village squares to city centres, and that more people have access to environmentally friendly forms of transport. We also encourage people to find out more about the heritage and culture of their area and help them understand and value the natural environment around them, often by building cycleways or footpaths connecting towns with the countryside.

Groundwork London focuses on engaging communities and other local stakeholders and working in partnership with them to help improve their local environment. Naturally the end product of this process is often a physical (land) improvement.

Follow one of the below links to read more about how Groundwork helps to improve London's local environment.

Sustainable Accessible Urban Landscapes (SAUL) - Groundwork has led this European partnership looking at the vital role of socially inclusive spaces in the sustainable development of metropolitan regions.

Groundwork and Housing - Housing is a key issue in London. Groundwork partners with the housing sector to engage communities, create good quality green space and ensure that housing developments are suitable and sustainable.

London Waterways Community Partnership (LWCP) - This partnership, developed and led by Groundwork, looks to develop and maintain London's waterways, ensuring that they provide the utmost benefit for local communities.

Groundwork projects

Groundwork delivers over a 1,000 projects a year under six themes across London. Below are a few examples of our 'land' projects.

Managing the Marshes [PDF : 148KB] - Over the last ten years Groundwork and its partners have worked on three marshes in the Thames Gateway to conserve them for wildlife and to improve their value as an amenity for the local community and other users. This has involved raising the profile of the marshes, establishing them as key sites in the Thames Gateway; building relationships with landowners, industry, statutory bodies and local and regional authorities, and delivering a range of projects to conserve, enhance and protect these areas.