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Environmental Business Services

Groundwork environmental business servicesMany Groundwork Trusts have their own trading company - Groundwork environmental business services (ebs) - offering a range of environmental services to businesses. These have been developed in response to a gap identified for these services for Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs). The exact offering is tailored for each region to address local needs.

Groundwork ebs helps businesses and other organisations stay competitive and successful by taking a more responsible attitude towards the environment and their local community. Groundwork ebs offers training and advice and carries out reviews and audits, often through 'green business clubs' or 'business environment associations'. It also supports business communities by helping them improve their practices, their premises and the local environment at the same time, either on business parks or through town centre 'business improvement districts'. One such project Groundwork is currently advising on involves the Hainault Business Park.

Environmental business reviews are tailored to business needs - to fit the size, complexity and aspirations of a company. They can cover: baseline review; action plan audit; preparation for Environmental Management Systems; energy; waste; legislative compliance and support towards the implementation of ISO14001, EMAS – Eco Management and Audit Scheme and BS8555.

What’s the payback?

These services are shown to significantly improve company's performance, help to meet responsibilities to stakeholders, reduce the risk of unforeseen incidents, provide evidence of sound management, provide access to further business opportunities and, most importantly, save you money.

For further information, visit the Groundwork London ebs website by following this link.