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Groundwork and Young People

Children and young people are a key part of many of Groundwork’s programmes and projects and are also one of our main priorities. Around half of Groundwork’s 6,000 projects delivered across the UK last year involved children and young people in some way.

Groundwork run many projects specifically for children and young people. These can range from delivering structured training and practical activities (including art or video projects), to employment programmes, sports/physical activities or healthy eating initiatives. Additionally, Groundwork recognises the important role children and young people play in their communities and always works to ensure they are engaged in local projects. Giving them a say in local issues ensures their support for projects, making them more sustainable. It also builds links between young people and other community groups, improving understanding and relationships.

'Children and Young People' are part of the thematic strand of 'London’s Sustainable Communities', within the London Plan framework. Groundwork is developing further links with the Mayor’s 'Children and Young People' unit, who have been involved in both our SAUL project and the work on 'Sustainable Suburbs', recently carried out on behalf of the Greater London Authority. In addition, the Department for Education and Skills policy areas such as: ‘Every Child Matters’, the ‘Change for Children’ agenda, the ‘Russell Commission’, ‘Extended Schools’ and the ‘Respect agenda’, all influence the way in which Groundwork works with young people.