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Groundwork's purpose is to build sustainable communities through joint environmental action. A sustainable community is, by definition, a healthy community. Groundwork therefore considers contributing to health outcomes as a major strategic priority connecting directly with quality of life in the communities we work with.

'Well London'

As part of this commitment Groundwork is currently involved in the 'Well London' partnership. 'Well London' is an ambitious new pan London programme that focuses on investment at the very local, SOA (Super Output Area) level in community-led projects promoting mental health, access to healthy food and opportunities to get more physically active. A Well London bid to the Big Lottery Fund (BLF) Well-being Programme has secured £9.46 million for this work, working initially with the 20 London boroughs which have SOAs with index of multiple deprivation in worst 10%.

Groundwork projects

The activity of Groundwork has always addressed health issues. This can be seen indirectly: through projects such as park improvements, which encourage people to use outdoor space or employment schemes, which address the wider determinants of health; or more specifically in gardening and allotment projects. Groundwork's approach to improving health is both proactive and preventative and involves working with individuals and groups to improve the environment and change behaviours that impact health.

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