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Learning, citizenship and sustainability

We work with children in and out of school and with adults to illustrate how our individual actions can make a difference to our immediate surroundings and the global environment. We help and train teachers to deliver education for sustainable development, for example by involving pupils in improving their school grounds or by establishing links with local businesses. We also educate people of all ages to act more responsibly with regard to energy, waste, water and transport, to conserve natural resources and to respect local places and other people. This includes training businesses in environmental management and giving people the skills to get more involved in local regeneration.

Groundwork projects

Groundwork delivers over a 1,000 projects a year under six themes across London. Below are a few examples of our 'education' projects.

Remembering the Mizens, Mitcham [PDF : 488KB] - Groundwork and The Heritage Lottery Fund are partners on a series of projects under the title, ?Past on your Doorstep, Future in your Hands?. The projects educate young people about the heritage of their local area. Groundwork uses its links with local schools and staff expertise to deliver high-quality educational experiences that connect young people with their area, instilling pride and ownership. As part of the project a high-quality educational resource is developed, which can be used for future year groups.