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Training for work and stimulating enterprise

We help people develop their confidence, skills and experience in order to help them find work and to contribute to the regeneration of their own neighbourhoods. Our training programmes are focused on those people who find it hardest to get work. Some need help with basic skills such as reading and writing while others are ex-offenders or have spent many years receiving incapacity benefit. We work closely with Jobcentre Plus, local colleges, businesses and other bodies such as housing associations and the NHS to ensure that the training we offer delivers the skills that employers need. Many Groundwork Trusts run programmes that pay local unemployed people a wage while they work on a wide range of activities from renovating run-down houses to repairing and recycling white goods. Increasingly these services are being offered through social enterprises, providing permanent jobs and contributing to the success of local economies.

Follow one of the below links to read more about how Groundwork contributes to London's learning and skills agenda.

London Employment Action Programme - LEAP will deliver work focused training giving beneficiaries the skills, experience and qualifications needed to access jobs in the health, education, environmental and housing sectors.

Groundwork projects

Groundwork delivers over a 1,000 projects a year under six themes across London. Below are a few examples of our 'employment' projects.

Learning and skills for single parents [PDF : 152KB] - Single parents are among the most disadvantaged in London?s labour market. Groundwork has devised a 26 week programme that combines work placements, formal training and support with employability skills: producing CVs, completing application forms, interview techniques and driving lessons (if required). Participants gain the flexible NVQ2: Children's Care, Learning & Development. This enables them to move into childcare settings ranging from pre-school, primary and secondary schools to after school clubs and play schemes.