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Housing case studies

As part of the overall programme of activity, Groundwork’s sub-regional London Trusts have delivered a number of pilot projects. These projects will be monitored over the course of 2006 and will feed into the final report for Neighbourhoods Green.   

The case studies fit into the following broad categories:

Project Name - Housing Estates Improvement Project

Partners: Groundwork West London, London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham's Housing Management Services (an Arms Length Managment Organisation), Hammersmith & Fulham Tenants and Residents Association (HAFTRA).

Project Summary: Groundwork is involved in the delivery and management of the Hammersmith & Fulham’s Housing Estate Improvements Programme (HEIP) in partnership with Hammersmith and Fulham’s Housing Management services (an ALMO). HEIP is a green space ‘improvement’ funding programme designed to support small to medium environmental and development projects in council-managed residential areas. 

Groundwork is engaging the local community; getting their opinions and input into the project to help them feel involved in their local environment. Groundwork is also working with Hammersmith & Fulham’s Estate Wardens, anti-social behaviour team, Youth Workers and Crime Prevention Design Advisors to help the ALMO make their work sustainable in the long-term.

Project Name - High Path Community Consultation

Partners: Groundwork Merton, Abbey Partnership Policing, Up-town Youth Club, Merton Abbey Primary School, London Borough of Merton Housing DepartmentLondon Borough of Merton Environment and Regeneration Department, multi-agency group.

Project Summary: The main aim of this project was to involve the residents of High Path estate in Merton, and neighbouring communities, in a detailed consultation process; to map local needs and aspirations in order to feed into a Neighbourhood Action Plan and to enable future fundraising to regenerate the area. The project focused on involving young people and children, as youth disorder had been perceived as a major issue during previous project work on the estate. Groundwork liased with local agencies through a multi-agency group and worked with Merton Abbey Primary School to involve children living on the estate in the project - including creating a Planning For Real model. Groundwork also provided detached youth work and interviewed young people on camera at the Uptown youth club and at the community event, resulting in a feature film to demonstrate young people's perceptions of their local environment.