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Environmental commitment

Groundwork London is committed to bringing about sustainable improvements to the local environment and contributing to economic and social regeneration. In working towards these objectives we recognise that we inevitably impact on the environment. With this in mind, Groundwork London is currently developing an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with BS8555.

Development of an EMS is giving us the opportunity to look more deeply at the environmental impacts of all elements of our work, to assess which aspects can be improved, and to maximise the positive impacts of our activities. In particular we aim to minimise the consumption of resources; releases to the atmosphere; water consumption and waste disposal. Where practical, we seek to follow good environmental practice on purchasing, energy use, waste management and use of transportation.

We will routinely assess the significance of these impacts and will set targets for continuous improvement as necessary. We will also periodically review our performance in meeting our objectives and targets and will revise those objectives and targets accordingly.


An EMS Team has been established with the objectives of:

All staff are encouraged to use public transport wherever possible and to minimise use of vehicles for work travel.

We currently reuse and/or recycle: paper, plastic, cardboard, cans, metal, toner cartridges and glass.

We use recycled, chlorine-free paper for all of our publications. The use of the most environmentally sensitive option for all products is encouraged.


Groundwork London is also playing a key role in the implementation of BS8555 across the wider Groundwork UK national and regional structures. Representatives from our EMS Team are actively involved in preparing the organisation for assessment under BS8555 later in 2006.