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Integrating the economy and the environment

We help businesses and other organisations stay competitive and successful by helping them to become more responsible corporate citizens, reducing their impact on the local and global environment and increasing their links with the local community. We offer training and advice and carry out reviews and audits, often as a way of helping companies and organisations adopt environmental management systems. We also support business communities by helping them improve their practices, their premises and the local environment at the same time, either on business parks or through ?business improvement districts?.

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Environmental Business Services - Read how Groundwork supports businesses to improve their environmental performance; providing practical support, training and advice to companies on environmental business issues. We help businesses of all sizes, and in all specialisms, to realise cost savings through improved environmental performance.

Groundwork projects

Groundwork delivers over 1,000 projects a year under six themes across London. Below are a few examples of our 'business' projects.

Good Riddance to Rubbish, Brent [PDF : 390KB] - Brent schools create over 1,000 tonnes of waste per year - enough to fill over 125 double decker buses. Around 35% of this is food and cardboard waste. Nearly all of this goes direct to landfill. Groundwork consulted local schools to identify the current barriers to recycling this waste and then developed a project to educate pupils and staff and to arrange collection and composting of the waste.

TREND is a resource efficiency club for businesses in West London. It is funded by Defra?s Business Resource Efficiency and Waste (BREW) programme through Envirowise. Over the past two years the club has provided support to over 100 businesses and identified resource efficiency savings of over £410,000. The club helps businesses across a range of sectors to develop and enhance their commercial operations by improving their environmental performance, minimising process losses and investing in cleaner technology. Through the club, businesses receive advice and participate in workshops in a wide range of environmental topics including resource efficiency, waste manangement, energy efficiency, water consumption, purchasing, environmental legislation and environmental management systems. Businesses attending the workshops share their knowledge and discuss common problems and solutions. These sessions are supported by expert consultants who provide advice and guidance on the specific subject areas.

Enhancing the competitiveness of small industrial areas through green business support - This LDA funded programme focuses on providing environmental business support to businesses on the Hainault, South Wimbledon, and Foots Cray industrial estates in London. Through the programme we have been assisting businesses by running workshops and seminars, and suggesting practical solutions to improve environmental performance at no or little cost. We have also been providing businesses with technical on-site support to improve resource efficiency and save costs.  We have set-up a cleaner technology grant scheme to help business invest in new environmental technologies on the estates. Through local steering groups we are also developing innovative solutions to tackle some of the problems that the industrial estates face, such as by setting up waste management facilities.