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This site has been designed with a commitment to comply with best practice in accessibility for visitors with disabilities in accordance with the  Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). In addition this site complies with the E-Government guidelines on website accessibility including the Website Accessibility Initiatives (WAI) 'A' Rating standard.

Further information about your rights and the DDA can be found here at In addition here is some information particularly about how the DDA applies to websites at

Accessibility features

As part of the E-government Guidelines we have incorporated scaleable text sizes for people with visual impairments and the elderly and access keys for users with motor disabilities who may find using a mouse difficult.

Scaleable text

Screen text sizes may be scaled according to the needs of the user. This is controlled by the users browsers and can be altered by accessing the  'View' menu and selecting 'Text Sizes'.

Access keys

Access keys are a method or navigating the website without the need for a mouse, this is particularly important to users with motor based disabilities who often find using the mouse very difficult.

Access Key PRE Defined
0 Access Key Legend (This page)
1 Homepage
7 Privacy Policy
8 Disclaimer
9 Contact us
S Sitemap
Access Key User Defined
B About Us
D Groundwork Development
E Events
N News
T Our work
V Jobs

How to use access keys

By pressing "ALT" together with the character stated above you can select any of the menu items in the navigation section, on most modern browsers this is further indicated by the menu item turning red to give visual representation of the choice, if you wish to amend your selection you can choose another item via the appropriate keyboard combination. Once satisfied with your selection press "RETURN" to access the page.

These instructions can vary slightly under different operating systems and browser versions so if you encounter any problems check your browser and operating system against the list below to correctly use  Access Keys on your system.

PC using Internet Explorer 5 or 6

PC using Firefox 1

PC using Netscape 6 or 7

PC using Netscape 4 or below

Apple Mac - Internet Explorer 5 or 6

Apple Mac - Netscape