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Social housing providers

Our work with social housing providers is key in helping us improve the quality of life of London's most deprived communities and the areas where they live.

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As a key partner in the Neighbourhoods Green project, one of only two non-housing sector supporters of iN business for neighbourhoods, and a contributor to the Mayor's Housing Strategy, we have a good understanding of the demands placed on social housing providers.  This understanding helps us build mutually beneficial partnerships with you and develop bespoke projects that address specific local issues.

Whether you want your residents involved in their local area; need expert design advice; would like to develop an innovative programme providing lifelong learning, or need help reducing your carbon footprint, then we can help you.  Our strength lies in adapting our unique blend of skills and experience to support local needs and help you deliver your objectives.

To find out more about how Groundwork London could help you, please contact us.  You can also read more about our work with social housing providers by clicking one of the links below.